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CNC Speical Cutting In_mold Thermoforming Machine

  • MX-18G

Equipment description:

Maoxing enterprise launched this fully automatic servo with manipulator stack counting molding machine is to ensure high production while greatly saving labor consumption.The MX18G cup beater USES full servo drive and super large screen touch control to set the whole process without worry, which can solve the disadvantages such as cumbersome operation of backward equipment and staff care.Cup automatic stacking device is mainly based on the structural principle of plastic cup, the use of manipulator automatic conjoined cup device.After the cup is shaped, it is directly taken out by the manipulator to the conveying platform for conveying and stacking, which has the characteristics of high speed, energy saving, high efficiency and stability, so as to ensure the clean and clean of the cup and improve the quality of the cup.Instead of a lot of manual collection.Replace the original low-end backward pulley rolling cup way.All the movements of the machine are controlled by servo system, simple operation and superior performance.Suitable for all types of disposable cup production needs.


Mx-18g high precision cutting molding machine is suitable for the hot molding of PP, PS, HIPS, PVC, PET and other plastic sheet materials.Products are widely used to make beverage cups, yogurt cups, LIDS, plates and other packaging containers.

Equipment features:

1, all the servo motor transmission structure, more stable operation, operation, maintenance more convenient.

2, the use of 4 guide column structure, forming mold stable operation, high precision.

3. The die set adopts the upper die set to fix the lower die set to servo drive, with strong controllability.

4. The mould is installed and replaced by side push, which is convenient, time-saving and safe.

5, servo motor drive feed and stretch molding, high motion precision, easy to control.

6, Germany imported ceramic heating plate, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, long life.

7. The unique stacking structure of the manipulator can realize automatic counting and stacking under high-speed molding.Reduce labor cost substantially.

8. Motion controller control, 15-inch touch screen digital display, easy to control.Digital display, easy to control.



Maoxing Enterprise is the unique manufacturer in China which produces the whole production line of plastic container.


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