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MX-1000D Double Color/Two layer Plastic Sheet Extruder Machine

MX-1000E Double Layer/Two Color Plastic Sheet Extruder Machine

Brief introdue:
This machine is co-driven by motor and speed reducer.the sturcture of the calender is 45 degree inclined.with each roller controlled by one motor respectively.ensuring simutaneous speed control of sheet calenderig and traction .every roller has independent temperature control unit and adopts convection cooling structure, which guarantees highly efficient heat exchange and even surfance temperature.
this machine has separate control of the temperature and trasmission part .the trasmission is simultaneously controlled by inverter and the temperature control is realized by RKC(OMRON,MADE IN JAPAN) ,ensuring precise and steady temperature control .
MX-1000E double layer two color sheet extruder machine adopts advance technology from domestic and abroad,it is applicable to produce PP,HIPS,PE plastic sheet it can produce multicolor top sheet ,which is used to make drinking container, jelly cups ,packing boxed and any kinds of drinking cups .
Main construction features:
1:the main and auxiliary machine adopt big sized L/D ratio, which have good plasticizing and uniformity ,and ensure the sheet have trait of thickness, smooth uniformity .
2:The screw ,barrel and T-die adopts supper quality alloy steel, which is after nitrifying treatment to ensure the material reach adequate hardness strength and process precision
3:T-die adopts advance hydraulic pressure fast net –change device ,easily operate, enhancing the efficiency of production .
4:Gradient three roller calendaring system, the up and down roller pressing smoothly, which make the sheet producing more reasonable ,and improve the quality of plastic sheet product .
5: three-roller we are choose independent control ,independent controller means each one motor and gearbox control one roller ,then make each roller running synchronous. And result sheet more stable and high precision
6:Cast aluminium heating circle with fan ,increase the temperature preservation and stable, improving the raw materialplasticizing capacity.

MX-1000D Technical parameter
1) Distributor             ABA   AB
2)Die Max width           950mm
3)T-die Adjust thickness     0.2-2
4)Sheet Max. width        900mm
5)Sheet thickness          0.2-2mm
6)Screw diameter        A:70mm B:100MM
7)L/D ration             A:32:1   B:32:1
8)A Gear box(hard gear face): model 250   16:1
9)B Gear box(hard gear face): model :200  16:1
10)Motor power : A:75kw(1400r/m) B:45kw(1400r/m)
11)Calender transmission motor power :3KW each x3pieces=9kw
12)Inspiration traction motor power :3kw
13)A Heating power          7kw/area x5area=35kw
14)B Heating power        7kw/area x7area=49kw
15)Distribute heating power   5kw/area x1=5kw
16)T-die heating power     4kw/area x5=20kw
17)Roller diameter         up diameter    300x1000mm
                                     Middle diameter 450x1000mm
                                     Down diameter 450x1000mm
18)output capacity            280-300kw/h
19)Capacity of water consumption   20m3/h
20)Total weight :18.7ton



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