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MX-1000E Seven Layer Plastic Sheet Extruder


The equipment is suitable for the production of PP,PS,PE,HIPS and other raw materials, the production of a variety of high-grade pieces, for the production of high-grade beverage cups, jelly cups, packaging boxes and other hot and plastic process packaging containers. 

Equipment features:

1. Direct transmission with motor and reducer.The tablet press adopts a 45 degree oblique structure, the roller is driven by independent direct connection, and the motor speed is controlled synchronously with the traction line speed.

2, the roller independent temperature control, and the adoption of convection cooling structure, heat exchange efficiency, surface temperature uniformity.

3, the machine adopts temperature transmission separation control, the transmission USES frequency conversion synchronous control, the temperature adopts the Japanese omron temperature controller to make the temperature more accurate and stable.

4. Mitsubishi heavy industries PLC programmable control, reflecting the intelligent centralized control of the whole machine.

5. The whole servo motor of the tablet press is independently controlled to ensure high precision, fast and stable operation of three rolls.

6, screw, mold head temperature control using the Japanese omron temperature control module control is more accurate and stable than the temperature control meter PID temperature control, temperature control operation is more simple and convenient.




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