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MX-700L Single Layer PP/PS/PE Sheet Extruder

  • MX700L
MX-700L Single Layer PP/PS/PE Sheet Extruder

MX700L Diagonal Mono-layer Plastic Sheet Extruder is designed to produce monolayer PP/PS/PE plastic sheet, which is used to make disposable water drinking cups,coffee cups,ice-cream cups, disposable cups/bowls for yoghurt, lids, dishes, plates and so on food container.
Major Construction Features:
A, The main parts, such as screw, barrel, screen exchanger, T-die adopt superior alloy steel (38CrMoAIA) with high hardness, strong corrosion resistance and long operating life after nitrogen treatment
B, The machine is a combination of extruder, calendar, haul off unit and electric control cabinet, etc.
C, Non-stop fast screen changer with double-sieve is controlled by hydraulic unit, which operation is easy and enhances the production efficiency.
 D, The special designed screw adopts big L/D Ratio to ensure the good plasticizing, stable extrusion and high output.
Main Technical Parameter:
Model MX700L
Machine Frame Channel Steel
Connection of Main Motor& Gearbox Main Motor and gearbox are connected by belt
Calander Control Method Three calander rollers were driven by one motor.
Material Used PPPSHIPSPE
Sheet Width ≤700mm
Sheet Thickness 0.25-2.0mm
Layer 1
Extrusion Capacity ≤170Kg/h
Screw Dia. 100mm
L/D Ratio 32:1
Roller Dia. 350*780mm
T-die Width 800mm
Main Motor Power 55KW
Total Start Power 120 KW
Overall Dimension 13*2.5*2 meter
Weight 5.0T
Power Supply 380V/50HZ, Tri-phase, Four-wire  

Note: Special specification and configuration of products can be designed according to customers’ demand.



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