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MX-700P Single Layer PP/PS/PE Sheet Extruder

MX-700P Single Layer PP/PS/PE Sheet Extruder

The unit is suitable for producing PP.PE HIPS ABS etc. plastic sheet material It can be used to produce all kinds of heat-forming products such as the cold drink cup fruit jelly cup yoguty cup ice cream cup fast food box instant noodles bowl etc it also can be used to produce theh packgage products for the medicine light industry hard ware toy plastic etc fields.


Adopting the oversea advanced technology to make the optimization design with big screw L/D ratio and high production capacity.
To change the net by full-auto hydraulic changing net, easy and fast.
The upper and lower roll wheel of 3-roll calendar are adopted the hydraulic moving, the pressure can be adjusted, suitable for the different materials.
Adopting double station center winding for the winding device, matched the magnetic powder tension control.
Die lip length 900mm
Die lip pitch range 0.2-2mm
Sheet width 700mm
Sheet thickness 0.2-2mm
Screw diameter Φ120
L/D ratio 1:33
Gear box (hard gear face) Model 315
Motor 75KW-6
Hydraulic net-changer 1.1KW
Screw heating power 6 areas×5KW=30KW
Hydraulic screen changer 6KW
Die heating power 5 areas×3KW=15KW
Three-roller calendaring transmission Up/middle/down 2.2KW
Transmission ratio gear box Up/middle/down 1:30
Roller diameter
(Roller adjusted by the speed reducer)
Up roller: Φ300×1000mm
Middle/down roller: Φ450×1000mm
Water connections 6 pcs×1 1/4
Traction motor 3KW-6
Two-position rewinding device
(adopting torque motor)
2 pcs×2KW
Flip motor of rewinding device 1.1KW
Max. Output 250kg/h
Net weight 10t
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