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MX13G full servo motor thermoforming packing machine in-line

MX13G Full Servo Motor Thermoforming Packing Machine In-line MX-12-13-14G包装机械折页-曲线1
This in-line machine with forming-stacking-counting-film wrap packing only need one or two workers to control but with huge capacity,realize the full-automatic,it is modern life style machine,save worker salary,use machine to work instead of manual.
Automatic cup stacker is accessorial equipment for plastic cup stacking.It mostly using the configuration principle of the plastic cup,adopt the combined convey deviuce of mechanism driving,flat convey belt and round conveyed belt.It conveys and stacks the cup after forming. This stacker is high speed,energy saving,high efficeency,stable operation etc.and it can assure the cleanness and sanitation of the product,improving the quality of the cups.It is suitable to the automatic stacking of plastic cups.This machine is the ideal packing machine in the industry of plastic cups production.
Packing unit with PLC program control.with function of stacking,counting,bag/film sealing&cutting (date printing is optional)with stable running,easyoperation features,doube frequency inverter control,production speed is adjustable,cup range from 1-100.with perfect packing.
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