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The MX16G is an automatic pressure forming thermoforming machine with steel rule cutting technology and a high level of automation ensuring easy operation through a new and improved control system which is developed and using servo motors under PLC controling.
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Equipment description:

MX16G full-servo four-station thermal forming machine, using plastic sheet forming technology, the machine USES high-performance ac permanent magnet servo motor to control the movement, the control system adopts PLC programmable controller with 15-inch TPC1561Hi large touch screen, the equipment runs steadily, the control precision is high, the energy consumption is low, the man-machine interface is integrated, the operation is convenient and fast.


Mainly applicable to PS, HIPS, PVC, PET, PP and other plastic sheet molding, production of a variety of plastic flowerpots, boxes, plates, trays, bowls, caps and other plastic packaging products.Such as: food box, cake box, fast-food box, pastry tray, supermarket tray, medicine injection tray, oral liquid tray.

Equipment features:

The machine is composed of forming station, punching station, punching and cutting station, counting and stacking station. The equipment can realize the completion of sheet feeding, heating, forming, punching, cutting, counting and stacking, and waste rewinding at one time, with a high degree of automation.




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