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MX800 PET Sheet Extrusion Machinery

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MX-800 PET Counter-Rogating Twin-Screw One Layer Extruder


Product Description:

Available areas: 

Food packing, electonic products pacling, vacuum forming, thermoforming products etc 

Drive motor from the melt pump,before and after tje pressure sensor control,constant extrusion materials
Maoxing parallel counter-rotating twin screw extruders are mainly used for ally modificationaming at good elongation on the materials and this results in good dispersion in compounding,

1. Available material: PET 100% wasted material or 80% mixing.
2. Screw elements are assembled in modular design. 
3. High speed,high torque and large L/D ratio. 
4. Even melt temperature distribution 
5. Convenient operation & excellent function 
6. Better feeding abilities for bulk material
7. Extruding at lower temperature

Model No. PET800
Available material PET
Diameter of screw(mm) Φ62.6
Ratio of screw L/D 40:1
Max. sheet width(mm) 800
Sheet thickness (mm) 0.1-1.2
Capacity (kg) 200
Total Power (kw) 230



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